Kodak Limited: Quality Policy

  • We are committed to being the world leader in the quality of the products and services we provide.
  • The company’s policy is to continuously improve our products, services and operations so that we constantly offer customers superior value.

Clarke American : Quality Policy

  • product and service that we deliver, we will strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our standard of performance is 100% satisfaction.

SGS-THOMSON: Quality Policy

  • customers’ needs and requirements must be met (through a market driven approach to business)
  • quality must be designed in and built-in (to be prevention driven instead of correction driven)
  • processes must be “capable” (Cp>2 both for manufacturing and business processes)
  • processes must be kept under strict control (using SPC as the basic tool)
    investment for quality improvement must be equal or greater than a defined percentageof sales
  • quality systems must meet ISO 9000/ QS 9000 requirements
  • managers must be measured on quality results
  • training on quality is a basic motivation and improvement tool
  • product and process quality are the direct responsibility of all manufacturing personnel
  • similarly R&D, Design Engineering and Marketing are responsible for design quality of processes and products
  • Quality Assurance contributes with the “accounting”.

ABB, unit High Voltage Cables: Quality Policy

  • The hallmark of ABB, unit High Voltage Cables is quality.
  • All of our commitments, actions and products must be recognised as an expression of quality.
  • Our most important criterion of quality is the satisfaction of our customers. We must aim at maintaining their full confidence in ABB as a supplier. The demands and stipulations of the customer must be met by our commitments and products conforming to agreed terms. Each delivery should create a recommendation for further business.
  • The achievement of these quality goals and, consequently, our overriding goal to continue operating as a competitive and successful enterprise, will be determined by our resources, by our organisation and above all by our attitude to quality.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab: Quality Policy

  • To delight our customers by being proactive in providing six sigma quality total solutions, and enable Honeywell’s growth enlisting the most competent and disciplined engineering professionals.

Tyco Electronics: Quality Policy

  • It is the policy of Tyco Electronics to deliver error-free products and services on time. Processes and controls shall be implemented such that tasks are performed properly the first time and to ensure that all products and services provided to our customers and to internal operations meet established requirements. Quality, continual improvement and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibility of each employee.”

Tenaris: Quality Policies

  • Tenaris shall pursue the highest standards of quality and customer care in its products and services.
  • Tenaris recognizes that the strict compliance with customer commitments and the surpassing of their expectations is the responsibility of all its employees.
  • Tenaris shall adopt common standards of quality for its products and services, measure customer satisfaction and provide transparent information to its customers.
  • Tenaris shall pursue policies which enhance employee quality of life, the well-being of its local communities, preservation of the environment and relations with suppliers.
  • Tenaris shall pay constant attention to the continuous evaluation, motivation and training of its human resources.
  • Tenaris recognizes the importance of high quality management in implementing this Quality Policy, remunerating shareholders and generating positive economic results.
  • Tenaris shall comply with the requirements of, and make constant efforts to improve, its Quality Management System.
  • Tenaris shall plan, implement, revise and communicate the Objectives of the Quality Management System to enhance its operation.
  • Tenaris shall communicate this Quality Policy, which shall be continuously reviewed for its suitability, and the Quality Objectives throughout the organization so that employees at all levels can understand and fulfil the commitments made in it.

SAP: Quality Policy

Quality is the basic requirement for the satisfaction of our customers and the resulting competitiveness and economic success of SAP. The Executive Board dedicates itself to implementing and monitoring the following global quality policy principles:

  • SAP strives to further intensify the close cooperation with its internal and external customers and partners, and the performance-oriented communication with its suppliers.
  • The continual improvement of our products, processes, and services combined with innovation is at the center of our endeavors. For this purpose, we strive to further optimize our organizational, operational, and technical processes. Quality management supports the business-oriented behavior of all parties involved.
  • Promoting employee satisfaction and quality awareness are major managerial functions in the entire company.
  • Commitment, professional competence, and personal responsibility are required from all SAP employees to achieve the goals based on the global quality policy principles. Employees know the input requirements to comply with quality in their area. Internal education is provided to help SAP employees fulfill their tasks.
  • The quality goals based on this policy are regularly defined, implemented, and monitored by the responsible parties within the framework of quality management at SAP.

Alstom Power FlowSystems: Quality Policy

  • Alstom Power FlowSystems develop, produce and market pre-insulated pipe systems at a level of quality that, as a minimum, meets the requirements and expectations of users.
  • As a minimum we must fulfil the quality and functional requirements imposed by our customers or by national and international norms and standards that apply to our product and market area. And we must help to ensure that the norms and standards are adapted to development.
  • We must remain at the cutting edge of our customers’ expectations, in terms of both product and service quality.
  • In product development, we must consider the possibilities of product quality inspection at the factory and in the installation phase.
  • Quality assurance must be defined and planned prior to each production start.
  • Production basis must allow for optimal implementation of production and give each employee the opportunity to check for himself or herself that the work is being carried out in accordance with the quality requirements set.
  • Through training and regular maintenance of its employees’ working conditions, Alstom Power FlowSystems seeks to create commitment and well-being, as well as an environment and attitudes that contribute to continual improvements in our products and services.
  • Through a well-functioning reporting system, we must document the quality of our main products and continue to improve process and product quality. This is done by setting specific quality targets and applying the 6 Sigma method for relevant areas of the business.
  • Through stipulated evaluations of our quality targets, we will achieve continual improvements to both the product and the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Lucent Technologies: Quality Policy

We will safeguard the customers’ trust by building the capability to execute flawlessly on the promises we make.

  • Customers buy from us because they believe we will deliver value superior to that of our competitors. It is an act of trust in who we are. We are committed to live up to that trust in all we do.
  • Earning the customers’ trust takes backing our promises with the ability to deliver — today and tomorrow. We are committed to measuring and relentlessly improving our business processes and systems to ensure both customer and shareholder value.
  • We are personally accountable for the promises we make. We are committed to do what we say we are going to do.

Alcatel : Quality Policy

It is Alcatel’s aim to be viewed by our customers as the best provider of communications solutions and services.

Everyone in the Company is accountable for fully satisfying our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best-in-class solutions and services.

Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviors:

  • Build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers as well.
  • Achieve our commitments for quality, cost and schedule.
  • Enhance the systematic research and use of best preventive practices at all levels and ensure reliable risk management.
  • Drive continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, well-defined measurements, best practices and customer surveys.
  • Promote teamwork and use of common language and processes.
  • Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability
    through appropriate development programs and show strong management involvement and commitment.



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