Checklist – Pressure Vessel Fabrication


Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels










1 Manufacturer’s Quality manual and fabrication drawing
2 Review of Manufacturer’s Inspection and test plan
3 Review Manufacturer’s WPS / PQR / WPQT for code compliance.
4 Review of design calculation & fabrication drawing for code compliance.
5 Review material test certificate of all pressure parts for code compliance.
6 Witness mechanical tests of material test coupons per specification.
7 Witness applicable supplementary tests such as IGC, SSC etc. per PO specification.
8 Review Manufacturer’s NDE procedures for compliance to code/ P.O. requirements
9 Verify NDE personnel are qualified and their certificate is current and valid.
10 Review Manufacturer’s Heat treatment procedure PWHT Chart. for code compliance.
11 Review Manufacturer’s weld repair procedure and witness/monitor weld repairs.
12 Witness/monitor fit up of long circ. Seams/nozzles/clips & supports etc.
13 Review weld repair procedures & monitor weld repairs
14 Witness NDE as necessary, verify records
15 Monitor filler material control and welding during Equipment fabrication.
16 Perform Visual/dimensional inspection of completed Equipment.
17 Verify all Non conformance recorded during fabrication are closed out approved by client

18 Verify manufacturer’s records of nozzle reinforcement pad pneumatic test.

19 Witness hydrostatic test of completed equipment

20 Verify equipment name plate stamping

21 Final inspection, document review, stamping and issue of release certificate


See Also: ISO 10204 – 2004 | Welding Procedures